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Medical & Dental Admissions

Lahore Medical & Dental College Admissions

Lahore Medical & Dental College

Programs Offered

Undergraduate Medical Education (MBBS)
Students are accepted in the first year class for the five years program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Medicine  and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S).

Undergraduate Dental Education: (BDS)
Students are accepted in the first year class for the four years program leading to the degree of Bachelor in Dental Surgery (B.D.S.).

How to Apply

Admissions for this next MBBS/BDS session will be handled and conducted by the University of Health Sciences. Information is posted below in the attached image.

  • For any and all questions related to admissions please contact the given UHS numbers for assistance.
  • For DPT and D-Pharm admissions please contact The Lahore Pharmacy College of LMDC & Lahore College of Physical Therapy – LMDC Official on their official Facebook pages. These admissions will be handled by them.

Academic Standards

Final graduation of a student will depend on the following:
a.   Each student must have successfully completed and passed graduation requirements including all required and elective courses and passing of the examinations conducted by the university.
b.   Each students must have demonstrated the necessary ethical and professional qualities required of a physician.
c.    Throughout the course of study, the appropriate Medical School Advisory Members will monitor students performance. In the event a student fails in the professional examination at any level, appropriate action will be recommended by the Medical School Advisory members, i.e. Recommended tutoring, special courses or a leave of absence to improve the students performances.

All students who have not failed the course for the second time and who’s behavior has not been judged to be unprofessional will be considered to be making satisfactory progress and will be considered in good standing.

Students must receive fully satisfactory grades in all courses before being promoted to the next level. Students may repeat a course for a year only once.  If a Student fails in a retaken examination, the student will be dismissed from the school. At Lahore Medical and Dental College, there is a requirement of at least 75 percent attendance in all courses throughout the five years.

All leaves of more than 3 days will have to be approved by the appropriate Dean / Principal based on individual evaluation. If a leave is taken for medical reasons, the confidentiality of the student / physician relationship will be respected. No medical information will be made available to any body without the consent of the student. A letter from the treating physician supporting the advisability of a leave will be needed.

All academic deficiencies including allegations of unprofessional conduct will be brought to the attention of the Student Advisor. Monitoring of students’ performance will be a continuous process and adhoc meetings may be called at any time to consider the performance of individual students.

Regular meetings will be held once each semester primarily to consider the performance of students. These meetings may be attended by the parents. In case of unsatisfactory academic performances or unprofessional conduct, the Medical Advisory Committee headed by the Principal will make a decision, which may included (but is not limited to)

a)       Taking no action
b)       Sending the student a letter of concern / Advice,
c)       Placing the student on probationary status,
d)       Recommending remedial action, or
e)       Recommending disciplinary action (e.g. Reprimand, mandated leave etc.)

Advisory status is meant to assist student in succeeding and is not considered an adverse action. It will also not be reported on the transcript. For students required to undertake remedial work, the advisory committee should clearly stipulate the nature, expectation and timings of this remediation. The adequacy with which the student completes this remediation will be addressed by the committee at its first meeting after the stimulated completion.

Medical students at Lahore Medical and Dental College are expected to adhere to the higher standards to professionalism, both on and off campus in their professional personal actions. They are expected to demonstrate outstanding professional qualities. Violation of the standards set forth  are grounds for disciplinary actions upto and including dismissal from the college. Major disciplinary actions such as suspensions, formal reprimands, mandated leave or requirements to repeat a year taken by the Medical Advisory Committee against its student will be reported in the students’ transcript.

Any person can bring to the attention of any Faculty Member a medical student’s violation of college professional or ethical standards. Any Faculty Member receiving such a report shall inform the Principal as soon as possible. The Principal will decide whether the allegation warrants further investigation. After investigation, the Advisory Council will make a report within 30 days. The Principal will notify the student of the results of the investigation in writing.

A student may choose to appear before the Advisory Committee chaired by the Principal on his / her own or an advocate who is not an attorney. Decisions of the Medical Advisory Committee chaired by the Principal are final and there is no mechanism for appealing against these decisions.

Falsification of Admission Information

A student who intentionally provides false or misleading information on an application to the school but who is enrolled before that is discovered, is subject to disciplinary action, upto and including dismissal from the school. The Medical Advisory Committee shall decide what action is warranted.

Application dates & schedule

Our current admission cycle is closed. Please check back for more updates.

Fee payment / deposit

To deposit college fee please use the following details. A bank draft may also be made in the colleges name. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact our campus.


Collection account number:




Title e of account:




Bannk name:



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