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Elective Application

The application cycle for our medical electives program is now closed. We will be reviewing all entries and will notify you all soon. Please follow our website & social media including our Facebook page or twitter feed for further updates in the next week. Thank you to all that applied.

Electives for 4th & Final year LMDC MBBS students at Doctors Hospital Lahore.

LMDC is proud to announce that we are developing medical elective program with our partners at Doctors Hospital Lahore for 4th & final year MBBS students at LMDC. To apply please complete all fields below and submit. Please ensure that all information provided is correct. We will then notify students once we have selected placement and a complete schedule is made well in advance to the program starting . If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via [email protected]

We request you please read the FAQ below in detail as it answers many of the questions we have been receiving.

What is this elective program?

Train at Doctors Hospital Lahore – an internationally renowned 250-bed hospital. Students who are in their 4th or final year of medical school and who meet the required criteria are eligible for our clinical electives. With a diverse patient population, complex and unusual cases, and a staff of US and UK board certified doctors, Doctors Hospital offers every student a unique learning experience. Our electives will be for a preset duration of time aiming at 2-4 week rotations. Full schedules and further details are being developed at present. More details will be given soon here on our website as well as our Facebook page and other social media channels as they develop.

During your elective you will work hands on with established doctors in a particular field learning skills and techniques used in a major hospital setting, at Doctors Hospital Lahore. Each elective will be for a preset duration of time and will rotate so that we can offer a opportunity to as many MBBS students as possible. This will not only give you hands on training but will also give you experience that you can use when applying for jobs after your education is completed. We will award each student a completion certificate once your elective is finished.


Who can apply?
This program is for 4th & Final year MBBS students at LMDC ONLY.


When is the last date to apply?


How long will these electives be / what are the dates?

The first rotation will start in relation with our summer break schedule (approx June 11th).

Second rotation will start immediately after completion of first rotation also during the summer break period.

Each rotation will be a 2 week program. Each student chosen will take part in ONE rotation only.

NOTE: This may change slightly as we move forward and is NOT final but our estimates are around this type of timeframe. This will not interfere with your LMDC schedule and we will notify all students well in advance to the program starting of exact timings and schedule.


What if I apply but choose to not avail this opportunity or the final schedule is not possible for me?

Applying does not mean you are locked into the program. Once we have recieved applications and have a final set schedule we will notify students of placement. We expect to hopefully have this ready in the next 1-2 weeks. If you are unable to attend once final dates have been set then it is not a problem. We will notify all students about scheduling and timings well in advance to the program starting. Do not miss out on this opportunity to apply!


Why should I apply?
During medical school it is important for you to get hands on training – something you already receive at LMDC via our teaching hospital. We are now offering you the chance to work in one of Pakistan’s premiere hospitals to get a real world feel of a very busy medical establishment. You will receive hands on training, guidance, and learn from our respected doctors which will in turn give you a feel of professional life after LMDC. This will also give you work experience that you can use towards applying for jobs in the future.

Will I get to work in the medical department of my choice?

We will try and accommodate your preference of department but the final choice will be made on availability and demand.


What will I receive after completion?

Besides the knowledge and satisfaction gained from working a internationally recognized hospital, we will also award each student who has successfully completed their elective a certificate stating this achievement.


Is this mandatory?

No – this is an elective which is allocated by choice. Should you feel that working in an environment such as Doctors Hospital will help you in your career development as a doctor then this opportunity is not one to miss.


Will everyone who applies be selected?

We will try our best to accommodate everyone in various rotation cycles but it is best to apply early. Currently we have 2 rotations that will take place during the summer break.


What is the fee/cost of this program?

The electives program at Doctors Hospital is 100% free of charge to LMDC students.  The only fee may be a transport charge for hostilities should we offer transportation services.


Will transport be provided?

Transport will not be provided to students living off campus. If you live in the hostels we are looking to arrange transport – there will be a small transport fee associated with this. More details soon.


What is required in the application / how do I apply?

The application (given at the bottom of this page) requires you to enter basic information and requires ONE Microsoft Word document to be uploaded/attached directly on this page by clicking the BROWSE button below and selecting the document from your computer. That document should include:

1) A application letter, addressed to our Medical Principal, with 2-3 small paragraphs  expressing your interest in a specific department and why you would like to work in that field. This is very basic and just needs to express your interest in the department of your choice (out of our list of choices).


Simply fill out the requested fields below and attach your application letter in Microsoft Word document format and press the SEND button. That is all.

We are no longer accepting applications for this session. Thank you for your interest.

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