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College of Dentistry BDS

College of Dentistry

The Lahore Medical & Dental College of Dentistry aims to produce dental graduates who have the education and hands on training to practice dentistry across the globe.

Our dental program is headed by Professor Dr Aqib Sohail who offers decades of experience in clinical and administrative work. Compared to other dental institutions in Pakistan, our dental faculty is proud to offer the most experienced and educated environment in the country to our students giving them a international level of education and hands on training.

The dental section at LMDC is fully equipped with the state of the art equipment including 125 dental units, phantom head laboratories, OPG machines, operation instruments, dental materials laboratories, and more.

Our dental departments include Oral Biology & Tooth Morphology, Science of Dental Materials, Community Dentistry and Oral Pathology while the basic subjects of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology and Behavioral Sciences are taught by the faculty of medical side.

The clinical departments in the College of Dentistry consist of Periodontology, Oral Medicine, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics, Operative Dentistry, Orthodontics and Oral Diagnosis.  These on-campus dental clinics offer our students hands on experience that rivals any dental facility in Pakistan or across the world. Our clinics are heavily attended by the general public and give students the chance to view, diagnose, and treat a vast array of dental cases on a daily basis. This pairing of dental education along with didactic training offers an unparallel level of education by letting our students take what they have learned in their first two years of study and apply that to real world scenarios by working directly with patients under the supervision of our senior dentists.

We are proud to note that many of our dental graduates have gone on to complete their National Board Dental examinations in the US along with Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees from prestigious universities such as New York College of Dentistry, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Kings College in the UK to name a few.

Our College of Dentistry aims to provide our students the skill sets required to not only complete examinations with the highest of results but also to be skilled in actual hands on dental procedures and develop successful global careers in dentistry.

Dental Principal Message

For most students, joining a medical or dental college, to graduate as doctors is a childhood dream. We at LMDC work to make this dream come true. We welcome you to join LMDC. At LMDC we provide an environment that fosters innovation, discovery and scholarly activity-an environment that makes it possible to educate as well as to teach students.

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Lahore Medical & Dental College LMDC Dental Admissions

Our college of dentistry offers undergraduate dental education (BDS) in which students are accepted in the first year class for the four years program leading to the degree  Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.).

Click below to view admission requirements and procedures.

Dental Admissions


Lahore Medical & Dental College LMDC Dental Departments

The departments at Lahore Medical & Dental College cover all areas of medical and dental sciences including basic sciences, clinical sciences, and dental sciences – giving our students a comprehensive educational experience to prepare them for rewarding professional careers.

Click below to view our department list along with information regarding each area of science at LMDC.

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BDS Professional Exams

Lahore Medical and Dental College Pakistan Exam

Each academic year culminates in professional examinations held by the University of Health Sciences (UHS). Clearance of these exams are mandatory to advance to the next academic year. To help you better prepare you can find & download information on subjects to be examined along with a comprehensive syllabus for each year by clicking below.

BDS Exams

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