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Campus Life

Campus Life

Student Groups

Lahore Medical & Dental College Students

LMDC offers various student groups and extra curricular activities to help make your experience at any of our colleges more enjoyable. Click here to learn more information and how you can join.

Information Technology Lab

Lahore Medical & Dental College Information Technology Lab

Our information technology lab offers students around the clock access to computers all connected with blazing fast internet connectivity. We are also in the process of installing various technology based tools around campus to help improve education. Click here to learn more.


Lahore Medical & Dental College Library

The library at LMDC is often a student hangout for discussion, exam preperation, or to sit back and relax while reading your favorite book. We are currently in the process of renovating and updating our library and invite you to learn more.

LMDC Athletics

Lahore Medical & Dental College LMDC Athletics

Sports at LMDC is a tradition instilled with competitive athletics and cooperative team events including football, cricket, basketball and more. Click here to learn more about LMDC Athletics.

Campus Cafe

Lahore Medical & Dental College LMDC Campus Cafe

The campus cafe offers students fresh, quality snacks, drinks, and hot meals throughout the day including pizza, french fries, burgers, sandwiches, salads and more to help crave any appetite. View our menu.

Student Housing

Lahore Medical & Dental College LMDC Student Housing

LMDC offers modern, fully air conditioned, and spacious student housing within walking distance of our campus. All of our buildings are powered by dual back-up generators and fully equipped with state of the art security systems to ensure the comfort of our students. Learn more about student housing.

We are currently working on developing new activities, sports, and special interest groups at LMDC. Check back soon for many updates and information on how you can join!

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